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Our Friends 2023 Campaign

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We're raising money to to keep bringing you one great story after another!

We hope you have enjoyed this year’s issues of Connecticut Explored and the additional stories brought to you in audio via Grating the Nutmeg, the podcast of Connecticut history. We ask for your support through a gift to the Friends of Connecticut Explored to help us continue publishing and to support the podcast and our educational initiatives. Friends’ support represents about 25 percent of our operating budget each year.

We also have a planning grant from CT Humanities for "Spirit of Revolution: The Connecticut Line Explored!" We will create a digital simulation allowing users to follow the activities of the Connecticut Line of the Continental Army by choosing a character (a soldier, officer, doctor, laundress, camp follower, chaplain, et al) throughout the war. This educational activity can be used by schools, readers of our magazine, listeners of Grating the Nutmeg--anyone interested in learning more about Connecticut's role in the American Revolution. You may designate your Friends' gift as being for the "Spirit of Revolution" to help us raise the matching funds for the grant.

Friends make gifts above and beyond their membership-subscription dues. Gifts of $100 or more will be listed in the Spring 2024 issue. Last year many Friends made gifts of $200 or more in honor of our 20th anniversary, and we hope you will consider $210 this year for our 21st year!